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My mind is filled with positive and nourishing thoughts

My mind only allows positive and nourishing thoughts to exist. I naturally have a positive attitude and think positive thoughts.

Negative thinking is against my basic nature. I feel like I am being untrue to myself when I have negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are quickly banished from my mind. I notice negative thoughts very quickly. I am able to redirect my focus to positive thoughts before negative thoughts can take hold.

I am an expert at thinking positive thoughts and avoiding negative thoughts. I know that I have the power to focus my attention and my thoughts as I see fit.

Good thoughts lead to good outcomes. Good thoughts result in a good mood. There are so many benefits to positive and nourishing thoughts that the idea of a negative thought is repulsive to me.

I believe in myself, and my thoughts represent that attitude. I am supportive of myself. I engage in positive self-talk. I focus on solutions rather than challenges. I notice my strengths more than my weaknesses. I think thoughts that support my life and goals.

Today, I release my negative thoughts and only allow positive thoughts to exist in my mind. As a result, I feel happy and expect good things to happen. And they do!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What impact does negative thinking have on my life? What are the most common negative thoughts I have?

2. How would I rate my self-talk? How would my life change if I only engaged in positive self-talk?

3. If my expectations for my life were positive, would that change my life or my behavior? If so, how?

Until next time, Stay Positive

Xoxo, @beautypositiveintent Founder & CEO