Where you can find answers to all your questions about Positive Intent products

General Questions

Q. What if the item I want is out of stock?
A. You can pre-order certain items like the subscription boxes, we restock items weekly.

Q. I have a tracking number, but my order shows no movement. When will I get it?
A. We process packages within 2-3 business days, once shipped your package should arrive within 7 postal days.

Q. Why is part of my order missing?
A. Contact us and let us know so we can replace the item.

Q. How do I change or cancel my order?
A. You must contact us to change or cancel your order within 24 hours of placing it.

Q. How do I return my order?
A. All items must to sealed to return shipment, and within 30 days of purchase date. Contact us if you received incorrect or damaged items.

Shipping Questions

Q. Where does Positive Intent ship to?
A. We ship free within the states and international with the standard shipping rate.

Product Questions

Q. Does Positive Intent offer product samples?
A. We provided samples with orders, but we don’t sell individual samples at this time.

Q. Are your products gluten-free?
A. Yes, our products are gluten-free, cruelty, sulfate, paraben, and most are vegan or vegetarian.

Q. Are your products nut-free?
A. Yes, but our lip balms contain macadamia oil.

Q. How do I know if my product is fresh? What is the expiration date?
A. Our products are handmade in small batches and have an expiration on each label after opened.

Q. What do I do if my body scrub is hard?
A. If your scrub has dried out, add a couple drops of water and stir. The product is formulated for in shower use. This prevents the scrub from drying out, do not worry if it gets wet.