Hit a Slump in 2021? Get Yourself Out in 2022

Hit a Slump in 2021? Get Yourself Out in 2022

Hit a slump in 2021Image by geralt via Pixabay  Author Anya Willis


Hit a Slump in 2021? Get Yourself Out in 2022


Despite these challenging times the last couple of years, you’ve got the power to make this year your best one yet. If you hit a downdraft in 2021, you owe it to yourself to catch your second wind in 2022. Whether you were unlucky in love, let your health take a hit, or encountered professional setbacks, we’ve got a few ideas to get you back on track. Positive Intent explains how:


Quit passively chasing your dreams and make them a reality


Pew Research estimates that about 10 percent of the US workforce is self-employed individuals. And that number keeps rising. There are plenty of benefits to owning your own business, whether it’s selling arts and crafts or offering your professional services as a consultant. Flexibility, personal wage control, and work/life balance are among the top allures.


You may also be looking at establishing your own business, which means seeking out professional talent. Freelancers are a great place to start your search because that gives you access to a worldwide talent pool; many startups look to freelancers from places like India and the Philippines. Be sure you have a compensation plan ready to go that can give you options all over the world. Make this year the year you get your business off the ground.


Leave the dead-end relationships behind


If you’re in a relationship that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, you’re not doing right by yourself. Psychology Today explains that these dead-end relationships can be toxic and emotionally empty. And if your relationship is fraught with infidelity or a lack of affection, it’s in your best interest to move on. Ending a relationship, understandably, is a difficult decision, and it’s easy to stay simply because of familiarity. This does nothing but stop you from moving forward with your own personal goals.


While you certainly don’t have to have a partner, there’s nothing wrong with dating once you’ve given yourself time to heal. If you are looking for social opportunities, consider joining a community Meetup group, where you’ll find people who are interested in the things you are interested in. Perhaps most importantly, keep in mind that happy attracts happy, and there’s nothing wrong with seeing a therapist to put you in a positive zone.


Take control of your health


It happens to us all. One day, we’re 17, fit, and can eat an entire pizza without consequence. But age takes over and our metabolism tanks. That’s what we tell ourselves anyway. The truth is that we get less active as we age. Commit yourself to change that. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a 20-minute walk each afternoon to make up for some of your lost fitness activities can have a big impact on your well-being.


Physical activity is one aspect of health, and it’s an important one that you can’t ignore. However, food is also a major contributor to weight gain, diabetes, and a host of other health problems. But instead of hopping on the diet train, shift your focus to eating nutritious food and leave the calorie counting behind. Dr. Oz tells Shape that the brain seeks nutrients, not calories.


Eat This, Not That offers many no-diet diet suggestions, including eating a protein and carbohydrate at each meal, and allowing yourself to eat unlimited (non-starchy) vegetables. Why you’re focusing on what you eat and your activity level, don’t forget to practice emotional hygiene, spend time with family and friends, and spend some much needed time with yourself. These are all great ways to tend to your mental health.


While there is certainly more to you than your job, your love life, and your fitness routine, nurturing these three aspects of your life will increase your overall well-being and give you a much-needed boost for the months to come. Don’t neglect yourself anymore. It’s time to pull yourself up and start a trend of self-love and personal progress.


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