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9 Things Mentally Strong People Do That Mentally Weak People Don't

There are many ways to categorize people: short and tall, intelligent and simple-minded, athletic and clumsy. One way to classify people is mentally strong and weak.

It’s easy for you to think of someone that’s mentally strong and another that’s weak. We all know what that means, but have you considered the actual differences between these two types of people?

The differences are real and significant. There are many things that mentally weak people either can’t or won’t do. Can you guess what these things are?

Mentally strong people consistently demonstrate these behaviors:

â—Ź There are a few mentally weak people that are good at getting started, but most quickly run out of gas. The average mentally weak person does a decent job of planning, but never takes the first step when it comes time to take action.

â—Ź Mentally weak people avoid these types of activities as much as possible.

Embrace change. Strong people make the most of change. Weak people avoid change or are paralyzed by it.

â—Ź Change is a wonderful opportunity for growth and progress. Strong people take advantage of change while weak people are harmed by it.

â—Ź Mentally weak people either give in to foolish urges and risk too much, or they are too conservative.

Mentally strong people have many advantages in the world. They get more done and are more effective at dealing with obstacles. They’re able to refuse requests that are too inconvenient. They persevere when the average person would simply give up. They also leverage change to their advantage.

In short, mentally tough people are able to do the things that mentally weak people won’t do. This is a huge advantage. It’s very difficult for a mentally weak person to compete with someone that is much stronger mentally.

Look at the list above and see where your mental toughness lies. You can learn to be tougher, and the results in your life will improve along with your toughness.

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