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Welcome To The Movement!


I wanted to share some thoughts with you, maybe you can relate.

Most of us inspire to be go-getters, risk-takers, and get out of our comfort zoners, we write in our journals, create vision boards, and write a list of goals of what we want out of life but often we fall short or we don't accomplish them, we either lose focus or motivation, we don’t know where to start or it's just plain overwhelming.

So, I wanted to create a new kind of self-care brand. A beauty brand that helps you stay focused on achieving your goals using your five senses. A unique approach to beauty, by incorporating aromatherapy, memory, and inspirational affirmations all in one. To give you a well-rounded experience for skincare and daily inspiration.

That’s right wearable inspiration, for the tasks we do daily for self-care, warm showers, and calming baths, to name a few. Our products take the stress out of making a list, and writing goals.

"Scent is one of the fastest ways to alter your emotional state."

I've had so many customers reach out to me regarding the magic that has happened in their life, from finding love, starting a family to landing a great career and a shift in mindset. All by focusing on their intention while aligning with the scent. 


People have told me, it's like an effortless habit, before you know it your mind is more focused and driven to fulfill your goals.


I love following your journey of self-care, empowerment and self love. I hope you will share some of your wins and positive changes with me! I love to hear from you!


With Love,