Daily Self-Care Rituals That Soothe

It’s important to take care of you! These self-care rituals will help you soothe your mind, body, and soul, contributing to joyous and fulfilling days.

Take time to do something you really love to do

Meditate to clear your mind, strengthen your focus, and gain peace

Go outdoors to re-acquaint yourself with nature

Stay in touch with your feelings

Exercise to relieve your stress and rejuvenate both your mind and body

Practice soothing, healthful skin care

Take a luxurious bath or shower. Include candles, soft music, or soothing oils.

Incorporating Positive Intent Beauty products is a great way to boost your self-care rituals. Try adding some of our Fragrant Bath Salts to your foot/bath or light one of our Inspirational Candles.

Until next time, Stay Positive

Xoxo, @beautypositiveintent Founder & CEO


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